Introductory Courses

How to join IGA-Kendo Club

So you want to learn Kendo? To all prospective Kendoka, this is the pain-free guide.

Prospective Kendoka

The first step is to join the beginners’ class of the IGA Kendo Club. How exactly does one go about this?

1) Drop by one of our regular Saturday sessions, at any of our Dojos. Click here for the schedules:  DV Dojo and Arena Dojo.  You can watch our practice to see first- hand what training entails, and to ask your questions about what we do. You can also avail of one free trial session where you can try out Kendo basic training to experience it. If you will avail of the free session, remember to bring a change of clothing.

2) Please check with the individual dojo first when they accept beginners. For the Arena Dojo in Quezon City, Beginners’ Classes start every March, July and November, so fix your schedules around those months. There is no such restriction however with the DV Dojo, as prospective beginners can join any time. Beginners’ basic training can last four months to a year, depending on your personal rate of progress. Kendo students’ pay a monthly fee, depending on which Dojo they will train at. You may inquire with the Club Managers. Uniform for beginners are simply workout type clothing, i.e. t-shirt and shorts/jogging pants.

3) After starting, you will be asked to buy your own shinai (bamboo practice sword). Sensei and the Club managers can assist you with sourcing one. Other equipment and uniforms will come later, after you pass the beginners’ course, but these items will definitely cost much so it is advisable is to start saving up.

4) When Sensei deems you’re ready, you will take the bogu exam. If you pass this, then that means you are now ready for advanced lessons, which will include free sparring. This can happen between four months to a year after you start, as mentioned in #2.

Enjoy Kendo! We hope to see you at one of our Dojos.


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