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PHL women’s kendo team bags silver in HK tilt

by Roehl Nino Bautista, March 7, 2014 2:10pm


PTVSports Features the IGA-Ken Delegation to the 14th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships

Feature on the Club’s preparations, aired February 27, 2014. (Skip ahead to 18m 32s)

Feature on the Club’s results from the tournament, aired March 6, 2014. (Skip ahead to 11m 20s)


PTV-4 Good Morning Boss – Juan Life Kendo Feature

Shown on January 1, 2014. Hosted by Mr. Jo Tamesis of PTV-4.


For the first time, a PHL women’s kendo team competes internationally

Kristopher IntingMarch 4, 2013 5:02pm


A segment for “Tropang Potchi”  – Sept.01, 2012  – Julian Trono and Miggy Jimenez with IGA Kendo Club at Arena Fitness, Quezon City

How kendo strengthens a child’s body and mind –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

How kendo strengthens a child’s body and mind

By Glenna Aquino
Philippine Daily Inquirer

DateFirst Posted 01/20/2010

I recently enrolled my nine-year-old godson and, after a few lessons, he says it?s better than soccer
KENDO IS A CENTURIES-OLD Japanese fencing still practiced today by avid martial artists around the world. It is a good way of building character, self-discipline and self-respect while one is still young.

More than 20 years have passed, but I still remember my first kendo class like it was yesterday. At first, I felt intimidated and very out of place. I was the lone female and oldest member of the class, the average age being 14.

But after several months I wished I had started earlier. It not only provided a full body workout, it also made me focus and believe in myself in a quiet way. I had stopped being fearful.

It helped me go through a difficult period in my life without my even knowing it.

After a few years, I eventually had to stop because of a joint disorder in my knee. But to this day, when all other forms of martial arts are increasingly becoming popular choices for intense workouts, I would still choose kendo and encourage it for kids. I recently enrolled my nine-year-old godson in a kendo class, and after a few lessons, he says it’s better than soccer.

Martial arts benefit children in many ways. Not only does it give the obvious chance to strengthen a child’s body, it also gives a chance to strengthen the child’s mind.


“So fares the soul, so fares the body” is the Herald Kendo Club’s mantra.

Every Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, kendo lessons are given at Herald Suites, Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati, by Koji Igarashi, a Manila-based executive of a Japanese company. Igarashi, who used to be a regular guest at Herald Suites before he became based in Manila, started teaching kendo last year to three young boys (aged 6 to 13).

A passionate Kendo practitioner, Igarashi saw the chance to keep the centuries-old martial arts alive and impart its many benefits, this time, exclusively to children.

The informal Saturday sessions with the three boys have now become organized into regular classes, now counting 12 students.

Martial arts, like all sports, act as platform for child-parent relationships. They have something to talk about apart from the usual banter that goes on between them.

It also teaches children how to handle conflict inside themselves, as well as conflict they may face outside of the home. Most of all, it teaches a child other ways to express himself other than through violence. Kendo molds the mind, heart and body while cultivating a strong spirit.

Despite having a sports-like atmosphere, kendo remains steeped in tradition kept active and alive by associations, groups and individuals like Koji Igarashi who will carry it far into the future. This January, the Herald Kendo Club of Manila will be formally established under the auspices of Herald Suites.

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