Tachikiri Keiko: Standing All the Way to the End

Written by: A.E.


Visiting kendokas and senseis keep coming one after another these past few weeks in the IGA Kendo Club Arena Dojo. The recent one being Yon-dan Tachibana-sensei last July 19. His visit fell on the same day when our Club Manager, Kristopher “Kutch” Inting, had his birthday tachikiri-keiko.

As of press time, I’ve been utterly bored for hours already and still can’t find my plot bunny at work when I saw senpai’s solicitation for someone to share their personal experiences related to our trainings. So since Kutch-senpai’s birthday fell on Tuesday (July 22), I had the time to go research (read: stalk) his Facebook account and write something – so it won’t be self-serving on his part when he post the event in the club’s blog. ^_^

Rare times do I write stuff going on with moi so admittedly, even while working on the social media platform, his online presence is still much better than mine. Kutch-senpai publishes club-related articles (wordy, that one) and replies diligently with quite anonymous inquiries as “Pinoy Kendoka” who, according to his wordpress account, is an avid “proponent for the development of Kendo in my home country, the Philippines.”

So back to stalking.. err, researching. I went way back when he first joined Facebook on 28 October 2007 (Yes, i’m that bored -_-) I didn’t find the year he was born sooo… (how old are you, Kutch-senpai??) And while i’m inquiring already, I asked quite a few fellow Kendokas what course did you take when you were in UP Diliman? The responses ranged in between Chemical Engineering and Molecular Biology. I cross-checked Loida-senpai’s account, nope, no idea who was the one who took that Biology course. lol

Anyway, I scrolled back up right to the top of your page, I passed your pile of birthday greetings from 2009 to present and this year, you are one of the few who has replied with more than the customary “Thank you very much, name” lol. Very personalized, and yes senpai, i also look forward to continued training with you.

Btw, it was my first time to watch a tachikiri keiko. Essentially, Kutch-senpai took on six Yudansha senpais and visiting Tachibana-sensei on successive matches, with no breaks in between. Boy, was that awesome. I personally don’t know what kind of injuries you have (didn’t find any clues online) but you certainly exceeded your physical limitations and was able to hold on to the end of the 7 matches.

The final result was 12-4 points in favor of Inting. So there. Whenever i’d feel tired during training, I’d just remember your tachikiri keiko performance and be inspired to continue and do more.

Happy birthday Kutch-senpai and wishing us more awesome years in Kendo ^_^ – A.E

Videos of the matches below:
Kristopher “Kutch” Inting (Sandan) vs. Jomar Romero (Shodan)

vs. Ice Empeno (shodan)

vs. Dardsie Abriol-Santos (Nidan)

vs. Lex Busto (Nidan)

vs. Rikki Reyes (Nidan)

vs. Sugawara Shin Ma (Sandan)

vs. Tachibana Sensei (Yondan)

About the Author: A.E. is the club’s resident weather girl and news caster. When the club needs to know if it’s a good day to practice, they just have to wait for her on-line bulletins. She’s also a big cat person, and we are just waiting for the day when her kiai will sound like a modified “MEOW!”. 😉


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