Welcome to IGA-Kendo!

Note: We now have a new website. Please visit www.igakendoclub.com. While we will update this blog from time to time, the new site will house our primary newsfeed.

Welcome to IGA-Kendo Club’s blog.

Kendo training at Iga-Ken

We are a new Kendo club under the tutelage of Sensei Koji Igarashi.

“A passionate Kendo practitioner, Igarashi saw the chance to keep the centuries-old martial arts alive and impart its many benefits.”

Initially, he taught exclusively to children. Since then, the informal Saturday sessions with the three boys have now become organized into regular classes, composed of people of all ages.

“Martial arts, like all sports, act as platform for child-parent relationships. They have something to talk about apart from the usual banter that goes on between them.

It also teaches children how to handle conflict inside themselves, as well as conflict they may face outside of the home. Most of all, it teaches a child other ways to express himself other than through violence. Kendo molds the mind, heart and body while cultivating a strong spirit.

Despite having a sports-like atmosphere, Kendo remains steeped in tradition kept active and alive by associations, groups and people like Koji Igarashi who will carry it far into the future.”

Looking for a Dojo near you? Click on this link:  THE DOJO

For inquiries, send us an email at igakendoclub@gmail.com

Expect more posts from us as our little Kendo family grows.

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excerpts taken from:

How kendo strengthens a child’s body and mind By Glenna Aquino

Philippine Daily Inquirer 01/20/2010



33 responses to “Welcome to IGA-Kendo!

  • Cabspeed

    Where can we learn Kendo?

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi there. IGA-Kendo Club has two dojo where you can learn Kendo, the Arena Fitness Dojo in Quezon City and the Dasma Village Dojo in Makati City. Please check the Dojo section of this blog site for more information about these locations. You can also check the Introductory Courses section for information on how to join. I hope this helps.

  • Weezon

    I am a filipino living here in barcelona currently 4th Kyu in kendo. I joined kendo last nov 2013 because i love japan´s culture. Its good to see Kendo is beginning to spread in our country. I know someone out there in our country have talents in kendo yet to be discovered. I wish schools/club in our country start kendo programs. Also i think i am the ONLY filipino here in barcelona playing Kendo. Most filipinos here prefer basketball,arnis,volleyball,football or going to the gym. Well its hard to force them to like kendo. I will just practice hard to make a name for myself so the filipino community here will know there is KENDO.

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi Weezon, and thanks for your message! Good luck with your Kendo journey there in Spain. If ever you come back here to visit, please feel to join us in keiko. 🙂

  • johnny archer

    i am johnny archer 10 years old from makati i want to learn kendo please reply

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi Johnny. We actually have a section on this website that deals with how to join. Please check our Introductory Courses page for more details. But essentially all you need to do is pass by our Dasma Village Dojo in Makati during one of the Saturday sessions (10am – 12nn), and do a one-time free trial session. After that, you should decide on your own if you want to continue Kendo or not. If you will continue, then start attending practice regularly.

      I hope this helps.

  • Myjourney Travel

    I’m based in the province. Do you have a provincial chapter of the group?

  • Benjamin

    umm i live in paranaque city, i want to join kendo but i’m worried i meight spend a lot of money in armor(gear), shinai, and a new uniform (i already have hakama, my kimono is white because i used to do aikido and karate), but i see you guys wear navy blue kimonos, will the payment be per session or per month? would you also please give me your contact nos.(landline and cell) thankyou!

    • pinoykendoka

      Hello Benjamin. As a prospective beginner in Kendo, you will not need the armor or even the uniform initially. You will be learning the basics to start, and you do not need armor or uniform to learn this. In fact we only require beginners to wear comfortable sports wear. The shinai will be required, but we only ask you to buy one once you commit to training. Payments are per month, but we do offer one free trial session for people who want to try it out. I would suggest you pass by our Dasma Village Dojo in Makati one Saturday to check it out.

      For more information on how to join the club, please check this link.

      Finally, our club does have tournament experience, both locally and abroad. Please check the relevant posts in the Posts/Updates section for our articles on our various tournaments, or the In The News section for links to official newscasts (TV and Internet) about the same.

  • Benjamin

    and umm, do you guys also do tournaments internationally or locally? thanks

  • Benjamin

    Begginers’ classes start on March, July and November right? So i could only join on july? i wanted to start as soon as possible because if i pass and study at the Philippine Military Academy next year, I might not have time to engage in kendo much longer

  • Benjamin

    Could you also tell me the monthly fee? or could we have a contact number? the site told me to ask the instructors directly, but i need to confirm these things and discuss them with my wallet =) thanks

  • Benjamin

    sorry for the numerous questions, i hope you’re not bothered.. umm is it alright if for example i’ve been practicing kendo for quite a while then i stopped due to lack of time, could i come back again but retain my status? thanks

    • pinoykendoka

      Hello again Benjamin. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1) The March, July and November Beginners’ Classes are only applicable to the Arena Dojo in Quezon City. If you go to the Dasma Village Dojo in Makati, you can join any time. This is the reason why I initially directed you to Dasma, aside from the fact it’s closer to Paranaque than Arena. So if you are looking to start asap, please visit them this coming Saturday. If you want to do a trial session, be there before 10am.

      2) Monthly fees in Dasma is P2000.

      3) In your scenario, you can always come back after a period where you stopped training. However if the break in training was long enough we might ask you to do some refresher training so that you can get used to it again. But yes, there is no problem about coming back after a period of absence.

  • Benjamin

    Thanks again for your time =D
    so it’s 500Php per session? since there are 4 saturdays in a month

  • George

    hi there.

    Is the monthly fee in dasma and quezon city are different? how much is the monthly fee at quezon city? can i also know the schedules of the session?

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi George, sorry but there was a problem with the comment notifications. Only noticed your question just now. Anyway, for Arena (in Quezon City) the beginners’ monthly fee is P1500, while in Dasma it is P2000. The schedule in Arena is Saturdays, 2:00 – 4:00PM, while in Dasma it is 10:00AM – 12:00NN.

  • Mateus Salvador

    Hi, I’m currently looking for another sport. I was wondering if there was a dojo in Manila. I am currently living in Navotas, near Tondo. And how much will I be spending on the gear?

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi Mateus, I apologize for the late reply. There is something wrong with the comments notifications, and I only just read yours. Anyway we do not have a dojo in Manila. If you plan to join us you will have to choose between our Arena Dojo in Quezon City or our Dasma Village Dojo in Makati City.

      For gear, the initial expense will be to buy a shinai (bamboo sword), which can cost between P2000 to P2600 if you buy from the club. Uniform and armor will come later, after you graduate from the basic course, which can take as long as four months to a year depending on your individual rate of progress. These items however can cost upwards of P20k if bought brand new.

  • Aerith

    I am planning to take Nito-ryu after Chudan. Do you teach this as a part of your curriculum?

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi Aerith. I am sorry for the delayed response, as there appears to be something wrong with the comment notifications. Anyway, we do not teach nito as we do not have a sensei who specializes in it. I would still encourage you to try out anyway if you are interested in Kendo, as chudan is a very complex kamae that has its own merits.

  • qkoalah

    Im interested with kendo but I cant find Dojo near where I live. .. im from San fernando city La union Philippines. ……

  • Shou

    Hi there!

    I’m interested in this sport but I am 0% experienced in it. Moreover, I’m working to have a fit body as of the moment. Do I need to be fit first before I can join, or can I do it during training! Thank you!

    • pinoykendoka

      Hello Shou,

      Thank you for your message. Previous experience in Kendo is not necessary to start, which is why we have beginners’ classes. Also these classes focus on the basics first, so there is no need to be fit to start. You can work on your fitness as a beginner, with the goal of getting fit enough to the training in the advanced classes.

      I hope this helped.

      • Shou

        Hi! Thanks for the quick response!

        May I ask how frequent the training is per week and what are your weekly/monthly rates? And lastly, how do i get there from BGC to Dasmarinas Dojo by commuting?


      • pinoykendoka

        Hello Shou,

        I apologize for the late reply. As you may have seen from our social media sites, we have been busy (as part of the Philippine Kendo Team) preparing for the recently concluded 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament.

        Since you seem to be looking to join the Dasma Dojo, the training there is once a week, on Saturdays 10am – 12nn. Rates per month is P2000. You can avail of a one time free trial session before committing to joining the Club.

        Unfortunately there is no easy commute from BGC to the DVA Covered Court. Your best bet would be to take a cab.

  • toni dy

    hi! I am interested in letting my daughters, 7 and 4 yrs old, to join the training. I would like to know if the rate is still the same? thanks

    • pinoykendoka

      Hi Toni, and thank you for your message. If you plan to enroll your daughters in training, you have two options:

      1) Dasma Village Dojo, located at the DVA Covered Court, Campanilla St., Dasmarinas Village, Makati City. Schedule there is every Saturday, 10am – 12nn. Rates are still P2,000 per month.

      2) City Club Dojo, located at the 4th Floor, Alphaland Makati Place, Ayala Ave cor Malugay St, Makati City. Schedules there are every Sunday, 4pm – 6pm, or Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm. Rates there are P750 per session, but you can avail of discount packages if you prepay for multiple sessions. 4 sessions is P2,000, and 8 sessions is P3,800. Pre-paid sessions are consumable within 2 months.

      3) City Club is also offering a summer short course for children. Please check the following link for more details: http://www.igakendoclub.com/2017/03/kidskendoit2/

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